Surrounded by hills on all sides, the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, is a perfect tourist destination. The harbor here is magnificent, and it’s a uniquely cosmopolitan city with all of the charm of New Zealand but the amenities of a big city. There is a never ending “fight” between Auckland and Wellington as to which city is better, and to be honest, there’s no unbiased way to decide between them. But here is what is better about Wellington compared to Auckland; cafes, restaurants, bars, nightlife, theatres, and galleries – without the bigger population of Auckland. Recently, a boom in the local film industry boom has even led to the development of what’s being called “Wellywood.”

Where To Stay In Wellington

At Home Wellington is an aptly-named hotel, for what it provides is a feeling of being at home while you are really on holidays. Many people recommend it as their first, second and third choice in Wellington for a stay. It’s relatively luxurious, yet not expensive at all considering the amenities and service available. There’s even a gym, and it’s close to Te Papa as well as a big selection of terrific restaurants.


Bolton Hotel Wellington is a five star hotel in the city, providing the luxury that many well-heeled tourists and businesspeople are looking for in the capital city. The location is perfect; it’s just outside the center of the city, eliminating the crowds and noise, yet close enough that the price of cab rides to other destinations is quite reasonable.

What to do in Wellington

The Museum of New Zealand is more commonly known by the name Te Papa, which is actually short for Te Tapa Tongarewa. It is a destination that must be included on any Wellington, New Zealand itineraries. Te Tapa is a bold and innovative initiative by the government, presenting a comprehensive look and feel for the entire country. Tourists often visit this museum before deciding what other cities in the country they should visit. It can take as little as three hours to take an extensive trip around Te Tapa, covering six floors of exhibits. Highlights include vibrant displays of the Maori culture, stunning exhibits showing the natural vistas of New Zealand, as well as the heritage and historical collections spanning all of the country’s background. There are also stunning views of the waterfront at Te Tapa – and best of all, you can experience all this for no cost at all.

The floral heritage of the New Zealand is immense, and well-preserved in botanical gardens all over the country. Wellington Botanical Gardens may be the very best of all. It sprawls over 26 hectares of grassy land, with picturesque gardens, meadows, miniature waterfalls and absolutely incredible views. A cable car can even drop you off at the Gardens.

Visit Mount Victoria for the very best view of this wonderful city. You can see 360° panoramas of the city from Mount Victoria, and it’s a view that’s been memorialized in countless paintings and photographs.

We include Wellington in all of our New Zealand tour itineraries. Let us put one together for you today.

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