Auckland, the most populated city of New Zealand, is an incredibly charming place – and also is home to the most number of Polynesian people living in one city anywhere in the world. (The Maori tribes here refer to the city as Tamaki Makaurau or Akarana.) One of the major reasons Auckland is so beautiful, is because it’s the city of volcanoes, where lava has formed ridges creating unforgettable landscapes, and even the main roads in many places. Volcanic cones forms green islands in suburban regions. Auckland, just like many other places in NZ, is a traveler’s paradise with numerous sights that shouldn’t be missed.

Where to stay

Hotel Debrett is the most popular recommendation for a visit to Auckland, because this place is amazing. Clean and spacious rooms, good room service, and pleasant surroundings that help you rest after a tiring tour of the city. The interiors, including the decor and the furnishings, are all just perfect. This is a very busy hotel so make sure you book in advance or you might be disappointed when you arrive.


Langham Auckland is a luxurious hotel with the best rooms and views of the city. Services here are far beyond any you would expect. A warm welcome and a tour of the hotel begin your stay, and the pleasant and helpful staff will be anxious to point you to all of the high points of the city, or just tell you the best areas to explore in case you just want to take a stroll. Club Lounge is the perfect night time hangout at Langham Auckland, and as an an added bonus, the hotel has unlimited ice cream available for guests. Their fine dining restaurant Is the best in the city, with the best in local cuisine.

Things to do

If you are in Auckland, Hauraki Gulf is the first place you should visit. Stunning views, beautiful vistas and the experience of seeing 47 different islands in a tour is truly overwhelming. You can take a domestic flight if you can afford it, or enjoy a laid-back ferry ride which will take more time but give you the best views of the area. Try to visit the Great Barrier Reef to check out the biggest coral reef in the world.

Sky Jump is the highest spot in New Zealand, where you can jump from a 192 meter tower for a free fall, for eleven of the most exhilarating seconds of your life. Your adrenaline will reach its the peak, when you hit the terminal velocity of your fall: 85 kph. Do not confuse this with bungee jumping; you fall at a greater speed with the speed reducing in the last few meters, and there’s no dangling from ropes.

Other major destinations in the city are Rangitoto Island (volcanoes), Auckland Museum, the world-class zoo and the Toi o Tomaki Art Gallery.

We’d be happy to set up a custom itinerary for you, and even plan your flights. We have local guides available as well if you want to be shown around in style. Please use our contact page in order to book your once in a lifetime trip to Auckland.

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